Hunter Medical Practice

We have a team of friendly and experienced General Practitioners across Muswellbrook, Denman and Merriwa. Our services include immunisations, minor surgery, men's health, women's health, diabetes education, skin checks, counselling and more!

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Dr Noman Jawaad

Dr Noman Jawaad

Muswellbrook, Denman & Merriwa

I cover all areas of General Practice and am especially passionate about Men’s Health, Mental Health, and treating the effects of sun exposure.

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Dr. Ahmed Aldnane Alam

Dr. Ahmed Aldnane Alam

Muswellbrook, Denman & Merriwa

I have always been fascinated by preventive health care, and I have always loved serving people as a member of a community.

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Dr Fozia

Dr Fozia

Muswellbrook, Denman & Merriwa

I am a highly motivated General Practitioner (GP) with over 10 years of experience in providing preventive and curative healthcare services.

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Our Services

Including all child immunisations, influenza, pneumonia and shingles, as well as boosters for tetanus and whooping cough for adults.
Minor Surgery
Including the removal of moles and suspicious sun spot as well as the insertion and removal of contraceptive rods.
Women’s Health
Including cervical screenings.
Skin Checks
Checks for changes in sun spots and removal of those that are suspicious.
Antenatal Care
Medical support throughout your pregnancy.
General counselling as well as referrals for more specialised treatment for mental health issues as well as drug and alcohol dependency.
Diabetes Education
Education and ongoing support for those suffering from diabetes.
Q Fever Clinics
Clinics for those who wish to get vaccinated against Q Fever.
Pre-Employment Medicals
Similar to licence medicals, including blood tests to check for immunisations.
Travel Advice
Advice about vaccinations needed for travel overseas.
Yellow Fever Vaccine
Our Muswellbrook Clinic is registered for this vaccine.